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Service: The Centre has been at the leading edge in the field of family therapy for several decades and is continually evolving by exploring, developing, and applying new patterns of therapeutic thought and action. The theoretical orientation and methods of practice have changed several times over the years. As a result, ideas may be drawn from systems theory, narrative work, social constructionism, solution focused, NVR, trauma-based work, neurobiology, bringforthism, etc. when working with families. Efforts are made to apply the most appropriate approach for each family.


Teaching and ResearchAlthough the Centre is an independent Non-Profit Society, it is affiliated the University of Calgary through cross appointments of staff; therefore, families may be invited to participate in teaching or research activities by having their interview(s) recorded or observed through a one-way screen. A family's explicit consent is always sought before such participation with the understanding that the family may refuse without prejudice. The Centre staff and professional trainees assume the responsibility to respect the privacy of the family and to treat all information as highly confidential. Please click here for further information.


Medical ResponsibilityPhysicians are not routinely involved with families at the Centre. Only family psychotherapy services are provided by the therapists on staff. Psychiatric consultation may be arranged by the primary therapist when indicated but family members should consult their family physician in regards to any medical issues such as pharmacotherapy and for any ongoing medical care.


Referral ProcedureAny family whose children are experiencing psychological, emotional, or behavioural problems may contact the Centre directly by calling 403-802-1680.  Any professional, agency, or community resource may also refer a family by phone, letter, or fax (403-270-7446). The primary intake criterion is that the problem or concern revolves around a child or adolescent 18 years of age or younger.


FeesThere is no out-of-pocket charge to families seen at the Centre. Family therapy services are funded through a grant from Alberta Health Services (AHS). When psychiatrists are involved, they bill the Alberta Health Care Insurance Commission (AHCIC).

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